Jennifer Grayson is an award-winning journalist and author focused on the environment, human evolution and social change.


In urban areas especially—where three-quarters of the world’s population will be living in the coming decades—we are at the tipping point of completely disconnecting from the life our human ancestors lived for 99.9% of their existence on earth. Obviously, we can’t go backward in time. But we don’t have to pack it all up and live off the grid either. “Uncivilizing” is about being willing to question our cultural norms and rethink an increasingly automated existence, in order to build a fulfilling (even fun!), more natural and, ultimately, more authentically human life. Read more

Photo:  April K  / CC BY 2.0

Photo: April K / CC BY 2.0

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“With terrific investigative chops Jennifer Grayson nails the most insidious part of this: The government’s role in hocking formula to the most vulnerable among us.”

—Michael Moss, author of Salt, Sugar, Fat


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