Wes Siler

The Outdoors Does Not Have to Be Uncomfortable - Wes Siler

Photo:  Wes Siler

Photo: Wes Siler

There’s such a misconception that you have to be super legit or suffering in order to deserve these outdoors experiences, and it’s just not true.
— Wes Siler

In this premiere episode of our third (and final!) season, I talk with outdoor adventure journalist extraordinaire Wes Siler, who runs Outside’s lifestyle column IndefinintelyWild. Here, Wes shares his stereotype-defying approach to “rewilding,” including his recent transformation from Angeleno to gun-toting Montanan, why all environmentalists should support hunting, and everything you need to know to recreate his epically cushy camping experience. 

Here’s the run-down:

  • On camping: What you’re doing wrong and a camping mattress you can have sex on

  • Growing up in North Carolina, France and going to military school in England 

  • Why being Bear Grylls sucks

  • How to move beyond fear in the outdoors

  • How Wes splits his time between work and the wilderness

  • The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation

  • Hunting, guns and prepping

  • Wes’s advice for creating a nature-fueled life

  • His upcoming adventure wedding in Baja

Want more Wes? Follow his stories on adventure travel in the wild at Outside Online. (And don’t miss his new video series, Rewilding with Wes Siler.) Wes is also a must-follow on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

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